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Sixtrees Architectural Showreel 2010

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Sixtrees Architectural Showreel 2010 Empty Sixtrees Architectural Showreel 2010

Post by princessjay on Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:30 am

Hi everyone, just sharing some of our projects done last year. It was quite a busy year, a lot of projects and mostly tight deadlines kaya sacrifice ang quality. I wish I could post some of the still images but I have to ask permission from my boss first.

By the way, some shots were done for 3d stereoscopic television.

All animations are property of Sixtrees Viz Comms PTE LTD. Credits goes to the rest of the team.

Sixtrees Singapore
Max Lim
Alireza Bidar
Wyland Tan
Adrian Wilman
Patrick Go
Bernie Arong (sekwate)
Anton Jayme
Angel Lim
Nilo Aleo (princessjay)

Sixtrees Philippines
Jay Daligdig (djayboy007)
Mike Dote
Cris Reyes