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Post by Aphos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:33 am

Hello,i'm new to the forum,after look around for a pinoy forum ,i've decided to joint cg pinoy,i'm from uruguay for that reason i'm using english instead of tagalog,already i'm learning it autoteached by my self,but i think it will take some time maybe not but i'm on the way je,je,je,.Well here's my first post and hope you like it,already i've posted and other forums so i will use the same legend
cause i don't wanna write it again,and if some one can help me with this phrase : SABINANGA KAYAMO i saw it in a movie and i can't figure the way to translate it to english so i will very happy if some one helps me,all right enjoy it the picture nd see you soon Smile

"Eu sou a ressurreição e a vida. Aquele que crê em mim, ainda que morra, viverá;
(João 11:21-27)"

This painting it's about JesusChrist words,my interpretation and i'm not meaning that it
have to be this way,it is what i've saw a piece of my imagination

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