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Vray Proxy Inception

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Vray Proxy Inception Empty Vray Proxy Inception

Post by thantot on Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:11 pm

good day, i have a question regarding Vray Proxies.
can a vray proxy be proxied again?

it came up to me since it will be my first time doing a subdivision development in 3d, and im only practicing modelling/rendering one structure per scene. and now im really clueless how to start modeling this project for it to be efficient. what i'm planning to do is first ill create 1 house and lot model (with vegetations on lot, since im planning to make the grass 3d modeled too for close up renderings) then try to merge and proxy it to my another file (road, terrains).

File B. = PLANE for road ,terrains and its vegetation only.

Also, im looking at doing it this way:
File B = Terrain: Land Lots + Roads
I'll merge File A to File B then proxy and intance it (est 300 housing units) and then i'll
merge, proxy and instance the vegetations (trees, bushes etc)
* my problem here is that it will be painstakingly putting trees / entourage one by one on each lot, while on the other hand if i already put those entourage on File A it would be much easier and faster.

i think this is pretty much sound stupid, retarded or ridiculous but i really don't have a clue on how to start so im just curious.

can it be possible to proxy a file that have proxies in it?
is there someone here experience modelling such kind of projects? would you mind to share your flow of work? tips, experiences, and other possible ways to create a 3D model of it efficiently?

thanks in advance sire/madame. goodspeed and more power.

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Vray Proxy Inception Empty Re: Vray Proxy Inception

Post by JVT_Ltd on Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:07 pm

put your 3D medium so that our generous master could help you... thumbsup

then try youtube as a first step...

in 3ds Max try multiscatter, autograss plugins etc.... 2thumbsup

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