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DesignersChair by Philip Grass

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DesignersChair by Philip Grass Empty DesignersChair by Philip Grass

Post by fossils on Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:50 pm

Designers Chair by Philip Grass
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Phillip Grass is a designer with interests in the form design . It allows the observer to actively participate in their creation. The goal of his project is to present a challenge to merge the boundaries between furniture and art. Its designer chair , still known as the flying chair , is a digital prototype of fiberglass with padded foam seat. The concept of the sculpture is intended as a Restort where you can relax and dream , a Restort where you can escape from reality and leave your worries behind you can .
The aerodynamic shape of the designer chair evokes associations with flies, dynamics and escape the passivity that is characteristic actually for the normal chair. The fiberglass gives the impression of lightness , spiritualization and escape from reality . The padded seat acts as an invitation for comfort, relaxation, rest and dream. The innovative design of the flying chair is designed for comfort, but also acts as a unique , innovative and interesting.

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