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Revit: How to Convert Line Types

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Revit: How to Convert Line Types Empty Revit: How to Convert Line Types

Post by adper27 on Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:36 pm

Revit: How to Convert Line Types

Use the Convert Lines tool to change a line to a model line, a detail line, or a symbolic line.
When you import a file and explode it in Revit, the import lines are converted to model lines. Model lines are visible in all views of the model. If this is not the line type you want to work with, you can use the Convert Lines tool to convert model lines to detail lines. Detail lines are only visible in the view they are placed in.

Using Convert Lines, you can convert the lines back to their original line type. In families, you can convert symbolic lines to model lines, and vice-versa. In a family, a symbolic line is only visible when the family is viewed from a specific direction. A model line in a family will be visible in all views of the family.
Convert Lines is also useful if you want to convert lines that were mistakenly drawn as the wrong line type. During conversion, Revit remaps the styles of, and references to, the lines being converted. See Explode Imported Geometry for more information about importing files into Revit.

Note: When using Convert Lines, the active view must support the new line type.

To convert a line type

  • Make sure the active view supports the line type to which you are converting.

  • In the drawing area, select the lines to be converted (model, detail, or symbolic).

  • Click Modify Lines tab>Edit panel >Convert Lines.

Note: If your current selection has both model and detail or symbolic lines, the Specify Lines to Convert dialog displays, and prompts you to specify which type of line you want to convert.
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